Thursday, 2 June 2016

May Wrap-Up + June TBR

Soooo much to dooooooo! Hey guys, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted consistently on this blog, and I am so, so sorry. School’s really been getting to me, so I decided to take a short unannounced semi-hiatus lol! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be back posting every once in awhile! Gahhh, I can’t wait for the summer where I can read, and blog alllllll dayyyyy! So with this post, I thought I’d update you guys with what I’ve read this month:

- The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson (OMG SOO GOOODD - 4.5 STARS)
- A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas (LIKE KABLAM MY MIND - 5 STARS)
- The Crown by Kiera Cass (This one was like crack man - 3.5 STARS)
- Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry (DAMMIT SONDRA I AM HOOKED - 4.5 STARS)
- Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (Definitely not my fav, but decent - 4 STARS)
- Dare You To by Katie McGarry (I NEED MORE BOOKS IN THIS SERIES - 5 STARS)

And once again I completely failed to finish any of the books in my TBR from last month, so I didn’t bother putting it here lolol. Anyways, I feel that I had a decent reading month for the overload of work that I did… I mean, I read, right? All the ones I read this month were absolutely amazinggggg reads! I can’t wait for school to end so that I can read moreeeeeee! Here’s what I plan to read this month now that school is ending soon:

- The Chasm by S. Usher Evans
- Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
- Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
- Take Me On by Katie McGarry
- Signs of You by Emily France

*prays I can finish that* So here I am again with the low expectations lol! Hopefully I actually complete some of these this time around hahaha…

So here’s some cool things that happened in May:
- My band and I got gold at a music festival!
- Althea @ GirlsThatRead won my six month giveaway!
- I drew a hell lot of Rhysand.
- I got absolutely hooked on Legends of Tomorrow and Agents of Shield.

I wasn’t very active on Twitter during May, but I hope I will be more active this month! *nervous laughs because exams* As always thank you guys for reading!
What cool things happened to you in May?


  1. Glad you had a good may! I need to read The Unexpected Everything soon, it seems like I've seen it everywhere!

  2. I highly suspect that the true secret of the TBR list is that there's always going to be a book you don't get to haha.

    I've just just started the Selection series so it's good to know that even that last (I think last?) book is still good!

  3. Awesome wrap-up! I'm also reading GEMINA soon and I can't wait!! I've been curious about The Unexpected Everything, mainly because everyone raves about Morgan Matson all the time so I should probably read one of her books eventually XD

    Brittany @ Brittany's Book Rambles

    1. I would definitely recommend The Unexpected Everything! I haven't read any other Morgan Matson books though.