Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten OTPs

Top Ten Tuesday is hosted by The Broke and the Bookish over here. Today's theme is "Top Ten OTP's" but I've also added one anime one for the heck of it!

10. Edwin


From Fullmetal Alchemist: Winry and Edward; my dorky anime OTP.

9. Cas x Swift

A new favourite: Cas and Swift from The Abyss Surrounds Us! (Read my review here.)

8. Doraelin

I'm a sucker for forbidden romances so... Dorian and Aelin from Throne of Glass!

7. Dune

Another royal favourite: June and Anden from Legend!

6. Rowaelin

Aelin and Rowan from Throne of Glass... need I say more?

5. Kaider

Sort of forbidden romance: Kai and Cinder from The Lunar Chronicles!
4. Fourtris

I cry everytime: Four and Tris from Divergent.
3. Dramione

Non-canon, but probably my favourite Harry Potter ship: Hermione and Draco.
2. Aelin x Aelin

She needs no man: Aelin from Throne of Glass.
1. Percabeth


And that concludes this week's Top Ten Tuesday! I hope you enjoyed reading about my favourite OTP's! What are some of your OTP's? Let me know in the comments below! Thank you! <3

Happy (early) Valentine's Day! <3


  1. Ooh, Fullmetal Alchemist! I haven't seen it, but it's one that I want to watch soon. It's good to know that it has characters worthy of being on this list. It makes me even more interested in watching it. :) Percabeth is amazing. I love them!!

    1. It's amazing!! You'll have to let me know when you watch it!! Percabeth is also so amazing, they are life!! Thanks for stopping by Kaitlin! <3