Thursday, 3 December 2015

How I Buy Books (For Damn Cheap)

Well this is an essential post for a book blogger. So you wanna know how I buy books? This is pretty much how it goes.

Step 1
I'm not sure about you, but I'm that type of person who probably won't buy the book unless they've read it and liked it. Obviously this has exceptions when I find a book super cheap and it was recommended to me by someone. But generally, that's mostly how it works. Pretty much step one is read all the books in the world, so in the case of a book sale, I know what I want to get.

Step 2
I scour the internet for good book deals. Since I'm in Canada, I normally look to Indigo and, a new-time favourite, BookOutlet. Indigo doesn't have the greatest sales, but sometimes they end up having a 25% or buy two for $20 deal and I'll take it. Otherwise, I normally don't buy books for full price. Also, recently discovering BookOutlet has made my life so much easier. Like I mean 7 books for less than $30??? How did I not discover it before?! Yeah, so step 2 is looking for those sales. Oh, and patience, patience is key young one. You gotta wait for those damn-hot deals.

Step 3
Since I do pay for my own books, I have a limited amount of books I can buy. But that's not all, I have to get permission from my parents first, and if they don't approve, I can't get the books. This is since I don't have a credit card, and I gotta use theirs and pay them back in cash. So step 3 is begging and coming up with the best way possible to approach them and ask.

Step 4
This is the actual math part. Since I really can't afford more than $100 of books per year, it comes down to priority in combination with sales. Priority meaning "I NEED THIS BOOK AND IT'S ON SALE" is an automatic buy. But most often, it doesn't work like that, so I have to compensate and make sure it stays within the range I can afford (which is super difficult because in reality, my list of books to buy never ends).

Step 5
I add the books to the cart, look for any last minute coupons, contemplate whether or not I'm good with these choices, probably go back and change something, and then finally click "finalize my order."

Step 6
I anxiously hope my books haven't gotten lost in the mail when they don't show up the next day, even though they weren't supposed to. I question whether or not I got the best deals for these books, and probably give myself a headache.

Step 7
They arrive, I cry, and I squeeze them so tight. I read parts of them. Then my parents yell at me to go do my homework. And I do, but bring the book with me. XD

Step 8
I try and figure out how it's going to fit on my already-crowded bookshelf. Spend hours rearranging them, and then cry when they all finally fit.

So this is pretty much how I buy books. It's pretty emotional, isn't it? Well, thanks for reading, and I hope it provided some insight on my bookish life! Do you have a post about how you buy books? Link me in the comments below or on Twitter!

Have a great Thursday! :)


  1. Did you see my post on "how I buy books"? Do you get an allowance? That's how I buy books IOU my mom!

    1. I did see your post! Haha I don't get allowance, it's all based on asking and hoping not to get a no. I mostly use New Year's money and basically every other holiday money to get books!

  2. This post is ME haha xD My mom's got me on this sort of allowance thing where if I help her around the house, each month she'll buy me a book BUT EVERY NOW AND THEN I GET MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR AND THEN I CAN BUY BOOKS (BUT ONLY ONES I'M SURE I LIKE) AND I HAVE TO PLAY "BUDGET TETRIS" WITH THE SHOPPING CART! It's amazing how book shopping teaches readers to stretch a dollar xD