Friday, 27 November 2015

Truthwitch Tuesday Recap - Week of Nov. 22

Ohhhhh, what's the best day of the week? TRUTHWITCH TUESDAY! Every Tuesday, I'm legit on the edge of my seat, as many others are, wondering what Sooz and Nicola are going to surprise us with this week. This week was definitely no different!

So what was this week's big news? Well, after 500 tweets in the hashtag #TruthwitchTrailer, the book trailer would be unlocked for everyone to view! Of course, the Witchlanders joined together to smash that tweet count in less than an hour! So here's the official Truthwitch book trailer which Sooz made herself! Watch the exciting, and epic trailer down below!

Huh, huh... so what did you think?? Wasn't it awesome! Sooz is amazingly multi-talented, isn't she? I thought the trailer was absolutely fantastic! Didn't you get those chills down your spine listening to the music, too? And I know I already mentioned it, but Sooz made this herself! Great job, Sooz! 

Also, with Thanksgiving this week, Sooz was giving away multiple copies of Truthwitch ARCs on her Twitter. So if you are looking for an ARC, make sure to follow her and @Truthwitch on Twitter, because they've hinted at more giveaways in the future!

New to the craze, or missed a couple weeks of Truthwitch Tuesdays? Well here are some of the recaps! (Make sure to click the links for more exciting details!
Thanks for reading this week's Truthwitch Tuesday recap! I hope it was exciting and helpful to some of you! If you have any questions or comments, be sure to leave it down below!

Have an amazing Black Friday! :)

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