Sunday, 22 November 2015

Recap: FIERCE READS TOUR - October 17th (Toronto)

I'm sorry, I know I'm a bad person. I should have had this post up the day of the event. BUTTTT school, and inspiration for what to say prevented me from doing that. So, I'm sorry for that. 

But you guys asked, so I shall deliver.

So last month, Fierce Reads had a tour stop in Toronto featuring the authors: Emma Mills, Josephine Angelini, Leila Sales and Leigh Bardugo! So obviously with such a great set of authors, I had to go!

(Fun facts: Turns out it was their last stop. They all love each other so much. And they fangirl over each others' books so much. *Definitely squad goals*)

I got there an hour and a half early to leave time to purchase Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo since I never got a chance when it first can out. Sadly, I didn't have money to purchase all of the books by the featured authors, but I plan to buy them eventually. Also, by the time I got the event area it was legit packed and I had to stand. I'm bad a standing so the wait was literally killing (my feet) me.

During the entire time, I was panicking within. "Was Leigh going to remember me? Are the authors going to recognize who I am??" As I had tweeted them when the tour was first announced with insane enthusiasm. (If you wanna know what that was like, here's the link.)

Everyone waited for like an hour until they finally announced that the authors would be coming out. Everyone was super excited of course. I saw a whole bunch of bloggers were tweeting live and I was basically just trying to stay standing like this penguin tbh.

Then they came out, and BookTuber Ariel Bissett (you all better watch her videos if you don't know her) came out as a special guest and host of the event! They did the normal-sorta spiel of getting to know them and stuff. Then they moved onto a Q&A and signing.

Every time Emma would talk about her book, First & Then, the rest of them would say "EZZRAAAAA." And, I should probably read the book soon to find out what I'm missing.

Yes, they were practically like this.

Some things that happened during the Q&A:

Ariel asked about the process of cover selection and that general topic and how that worked for each of the authors.

- Leila talked about how as an editor/agent herself, normally she'd be the one choose the cover, but ultimately doesn't that when SHE's the author. And specifically with Tonight the Streets Are Ours, she said the original cover was pretty similar. But she said she wanted the colours brighter and told her cover team, with her amazing graphic design terminology, to maybe make it more "Instagrammy."

- Leigh kept talking about how in love she was with the black-tip stained pages (which I am so glad to have gotten) and how she kept reminding her team about them until it was final that they were going to implement it into the design of Six of Crows.

- Emma said for most authors it is pretty much a "check: yes or yes" when they get the final cover. She said she was glad she got to see two options, and that everyone loved the "rainbow raindrops" so much it was pretty much what they went with.

- Josephine got her cover and didn't quite love it, told her team, but they still went with it. Then they decided to change the covers and she was like "now you listen to me??." She's extremely sorry for the mismatching covers.

After that, the topics discussed jumped from writing, depression/anxiety/mental illness, time management, adult-ish content, researching for their novels (THAT was interesting), and then reading slumps. Really, the change of topics was sorta on-par with the Firewitches chat. And we switch topics like THAT.

Other fun facts from the Q&A:
- Emma eats a lot of pizza bagel bites
- Leila can't seem to get into Pride and Prejudice
- Leigh had a hard time in middle school and mentioned that writing was her escape
- Josephine would always deny she was a writer when she was young, and now it's inevitable


When Emma mentioned High School Musical. She said "I try to think of it as the Troy Bolton dream; where you can be a Broadway star and a basketball player." I know, I have such a weakness for HSM.

If you want a more in-depth look at the Q&A, I suggest heading over to Tiff's (@MostlyYALit) recap over here because I basically only remembered these couple of parts tbh.

So onto the signing!

Somehow I managed to get into the signing line real early even though I wasn't really supposed to since I was in a different group. (Whoops >.<)

But alas, I took it and Emma was first. We talked briefly on how we have similar names (Em and Emma lol), then joined in with Leila and Josephine. It was so much fun getting to know them! They commented on my Harry Potter shirt and I was like yeahhhh! Leigh is the Slytherin, Emma (I think) was Gryffindor, Leila (I think) a Ravenclaw, and Josephine (I think) was a Gryffindor. Then I was like, well I'm a Ravenclaw, so can I join your group? XD They signed the cool poster I got from Fierce Reads. I also complimented them and said they were hilarious and very pretty. I tweeted them again and well this was the response. I legit love them so much.

Okay then it was Leigh next. I got a super cool copy of my friend's, Brynne, artwork of the Darkling for Leigh Bardugo to sign for her. It's super awesome and below if you haven't encountered her art before (I mean how could you not she was pretty big on Tumblr for a while!).
Yeah, so I got that and Six of Crows signed! Leigh was also giving out buttons and bookmarks, so I snagged a couple! Here's my swag from that day:

Overall, it was a fantastic event! (The only complaint I had was: couldn't they have gotten more chairs??) It was amazing and was a great experience for my first (actual) signing! I hope to attend some more in the future! Hopefully more events come this way!

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this recap! Do you have any events that you went to recently? I'd love to hear your experiences! Let me know in the comments below!

Have an amazing Sunday!


  1. I bet you had so much fun! That's a lot of authors so it was probably really cool!!

    1. Haha, I did have lots of fun! It was really cool because authors rarely come my way! Thanks for reading Claire!

  2. YOU GOT TO MEET LEIGH AND SHE'S A SLYTHERIN! /I'M/ A SLYTHERIN! Sweet giblets we have something in common! *fangirls hardcore* I'm so glad you got to meet them! The discussion on book covers is one of my favorite things. I love learning about the process. I've heard a lot about how author's have little choice in what they get :/ why IS that??? That's kind of messed up.

    BUT YOU GOT TO MEET LEIGH I'M SO EXCITED FOR YOU! I had the chance to see her at YALLfest but that was...a disaster O_O

    1. Yeah Leigh is undoubtedly a Slytherin loll. I could tell like instantly lol. I glad I got to meet them too. It was so much fun!! And OMG IM SO SORRY. Your experience sounds so horrifying omg. *sends millions of cookies and hugs* I promise you'll meet her one day. ;) Thanks for reading! I really appreciate it!

  3. This sounds like it was a lot of fun! Your swag from the tour looks amazing, it's a great haul :) and OMG you know Brynne?? I used to check her tumblr everyday to see if she posted something new! she's a really talented writer and artist--i remember that she was querying agents a few times before she left tumblr.

    I met Leigh on the 17th and she was so hilarious and charismatic. Author signings, especially ones with my favorite authors, are so much fun, I love going to them :) Great recap!

    1. Aha yep! I've been watching you blog and I saw that you've met Leigh too! She's amazing and funny isn't she??

      Haha I love love Brynne! She's amazing! Her art and writing! She's still on Twitter and Facebook if you are looking for her!

      Thanks and thanks for reading! I really appreciate it! <3